When you've been wronged, revenge can be powerful motivation. Family is only worth having if you can protect it.

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The thing I don’t like about all these “Teen Wolf Characters Reimagined As X-Men/Avengers Characters” posts is that they always choose like 

The first Asian character they can think of for Kira, the first black character they can think of for Braeden like fuck

At least put a little effort into it. You’re reimagining the character, go with what actually fits with their characterisation, not who matches them most physically.

Kira would make a great Storm. Braeden would make a great Maria Hill. Melissa, Scarlet Witch. Scott, Falcon. Allison, Moonstar. Malia, Miss America. Lydia, White Queen. The list goes on.

i feel like there should be a compilation of the horrible things i say 

[12:05:27 AM] king howard.: anyway you’re beautiful come to my house and let me take pictures of you

[14/10/2014 11:55:58 PM] king howard.: i think it would make people mad and that’s why i want to do it


    “I didn’t think it was for that.
            Now what do you want?”


           ”Your state of dress tells me otherwise.”


              “It’s two in the morning. When I told you to come
, I promise you it wasn’t for that.”

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It was close, way too close for her liking but Cora had no intention of just letting him get the satisfaction of her giving up. Okay, maybe she was a little too competitive for her own good. Cora kept on all fours, moving swiftly and as silently as possible before finding herself stuck in a corner with no way out besides being caught, 

Darn. Peeking out from where she was, she could see her uncle’s outline in the shadows. He was getting close, a bit too close. Holding her breath, she refused to be swayed by the offer of ice cream. It wasn’t that ice ceam didn’t sound good. She just… it was one of those days that she needed to be good at something. 

Having been home-schooled for so long, much longer than the rest of the Hale children needed to be, it only made things so hard lately. There was maybe a teeny part of her that was not only enjoying the victory but the getting to be alone with her uncle and just… not be compared.

However, her thoughts were pulled away from her mini-pity part at her uncle’s newest offer. Seemed as good a deal as she was going to get. Waiting for her Uncle Peter to turn around, she finally crawled out of her hiding spot. With a big leap, she wrapped her arms around him with a delighted giggle.

"Can I save one scoop on a different day and just get extra toppings today?" 


The little pup held onto the older wolf staring up with wide eyes. “I was pretty good, wasn’t I?”

At the sudden weight on him, Peter let out a breath before grabbing her up in his arms. He smiled at the look of pure, unadulterated joy on her face. Cora tended to be the one who held the most reservations despite being one of the youngest, it was nice to see her let loose her joy. 

As it turned out, she was also a master in training at manipulation. Peter narrowed his eyes at her, though the blues didn’t hold any real malice. The look on her face and the question that followed betrayed that this may have been her plan all along. She seemed to apply the same rules of hunting to people; weaken your prey (if this case, it was her Uncle), and wait for it to give up.

"Fine, you little brat," The older wolf huffed as he set her to sit atop his shoulders, bending low so she didn’t hit anything as they made their way back up the stairs. "But don’t tell your brother."

A beat passed.

"Or your mother."

Setting her down in the foyer, Peter dug through the bowl full of key sets for his own. One of the many struggles of living with so many people was that everyone needs to have their own set of keys. House keys, locker keys, car keys, backup keys for all of them and keys that lead to nothing. It all culminated into one big mess. 

"You did great," He said sincerely, making a triumphant noise as the car keys seemed to magically appear from the bowl. "Next time make one of your brothers the target though. It’s fun to watch them get red in the face.